Firearm Training in Arlington, Texas
Firearm Training in Arlington, Texas

Training is essential

firearm training

Training is essential in everyday life.

As an avid 2nd Amendment supporter, hunter and certified NRA and TX LTC/CHL instructor, I believe every one has the right and privilege to carry firearms.  I also believe those same people should be trained to safely use, clean, store and carry the firearms.

Favorite hobbies are practiced (trained) such as photography, model building, crocheting, cooking, writing and carry firearms. To become better at something you train on your own or find someone to teach you different techniques to make you better. I encourage my friends and students to train with their firearms and keep current on new legislation that may impact them.

When it comes to firearm training there many things we can all work on everyday to improve knowledge, accuracy and muscle memory.

Here are some of those areas:

  • Sight Alignment
  • Trigger Pull
  • Grip and Stance
  • Point Shooting
  • Long-Range Accuracy
  • Shooting Under Pressure
  • Accurate Weak-Hand Shooting
  • Accurate Shooting while Moving
  • Eliminating Flinches


If you would be interested in some one-on-one training to improve your skills, contact Glenna for some private instruction:

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